What Is A California Balayage?

What Is A California Balayage?

What Is A California Balayage?

California BalayageHave you heard of the California Balayage? This hot new trend is one of the most sought-after looks, and is one of our most popular services. In this article from your Boston hair salon & spa, you’ll learn about what the California balayage is and why it’s so popular.


Although the balayage is a hot trend now, it has actually been around since the 70’s. The style originated in France, but is favored by many celebrities today. Technically, a balayage is a specialty color service, and is a wonderful way to make your hair look naturally highlighted. Think of that tousled beach hair that looks great on so many people, and what you imagine may be pretty close to the balayage.

What Is The Balayage

A good balayage offers contrast and dimension without looking chunky, outdated, or garish. Traditionally, the technique is done with plastic wrap and cotton, instead of the foil that is often used in highlights. Your stylist will carefully paint the sections of your hair in triangular shapes, which will be thinner at the root and wider at the middle and end of the hair. This helps you get that beautiful, sun-kissed look.

Benefits of A Good Balayage

One great thing about the balayage is that is a very low-maintenance option. The hair painting techniques used in a balayage allow the colors to seamlessly blend into your natural color, so you won’t have clearly visible roots. This means that you can wait a little longer between appointments. Some people can go up to 4 months without touchups, but this varies from person to person.

Getting The Look

While a balayage can look very natural, it can also be customized to suit your personal style and taste. For instance, you may be able to incorporate highlights or a bit of an ombre effect into your color. If you want a more dramatic, edgier look, ask your stylist about color options. Our expert hair stylists will work with you, ensuring that you get the contrast and shade that is right for you.

To schedule a balayage appointment at your Boston hair salon, contact us here at Aluna Salon & Spa. You’re in great hands with us!

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