4 Benefits of Moroccan Oil Treatments

4 Benefits of Moroccan Oil Treatments

4 Benefits of Moroccan Oil Treatments

Fall is finally here! While you may be enjoying the chance to wear boots, scarves, and coats again, winter’s cold, dry air can be very hard on your hair and skin. Here at Aluna Salon and Spa, your Boston hair salon, we specialize in making our clients look and feel great, no matter what season it is. One thing that can really help keep your hair looking healthy and shiny—even in the middle of winter—is Moroccan oil.

Here are some great reasons to consider getting a Moroccan oil treatment:

Prevent Split Ends

Split ends can make your hair look dull, frizzy, and lifeless. They can also even lead to more breakage, especially with curly hair. This is because dry, dead ends are prone to tangling, which therefore makes them more likely to snap. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, split ends also can make the process take even longer. Moroccan oil will penetrate course, damaged ends, leaving your hair looking nourished and shiny, and helping fight off those annoying splits.

Repair Damage

Moroccan oil products and treatments can help keep thirsty hair nourished and healthy. This rare, amazing oil is rich in Vitamin E, omega-3, and omega-9 fatty acids. It also contains phenols and carotenes. These nutrients all nourish and moisturize damaged hair. Because Moroccan oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft, it is an amazing conditioner, and can really rejuvenate coarse, dry hair.

Nourish Dry Hair

Dry air is a major issue here in winter. That cold, air can leach moisture from your hair and skin, leaving you with dull, brittle locks that look parched and lifeless. A good Moroccan oil treatment will replenish and rejuvenate thirsty hair, so that you leave your Boston hair salon looking and feeling great. It can also be used as a styling product. If your hair is naturally dry, we recommend getting a treatment done in autumn, before the weather gets really cold, and then following up with additional treatments in winter. In between salon appointments, you can keep your hair looking great by using products that contain Moroccan oil.

Bring Back Shine

Your hair is affected by many different things, including genetics, diet, styling and care routines, chemical processes, hair products, and, of course, weather. Winter can be especially hard on the hair. Not only is the cold, dry air an issue, but you may be blow-drying your hair more than usual when it is cold outside. Hats and scarves can also be rough on your hair. Moroccan oil can really help negate the damage done by these things. A good conditioning treatment can immediately restore shine, which will immediately make your hair look and feel better.

Do you have questions about Moroccan oil? Do you want to set up an appointment for a conditioning treatment? Contact Aluna Salon and Spa, your Boston hair salon, today!

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